? Cherries - a healing food. It's time to detox

❤️ Cherries – 15 medicinal benefits

❤️ The energy vibration of cherries is associated with the base chakra in our energy body.

? It is not only one of the freshest spring fruits, but also a highly medicinal food. Even just holding fresh cherries in your hands can recharge and energize you.

? The first positive impact of cherries is their color. First we eat with our eyes! Red brings energy, activity, improves mood and joy of life. Before consuming, direct your attention to the fruit and simply absorb the color and its qualities with your eyes. 

? The teacher Petar Danov believed that cherries have a heavenly origin and recommended the following: "When you feel that you are out of place or you have lost your spirit, eat cherries"

cherry detox

❤️ Their healing properties are endless:

    1. Banish stress and bad thoughts
    2. They cleanse the gastrointestinal tract and improve digestion
    3. They fill with energy and optimism
    4. They purify the blood and kidneys
    5. Contains antioxidants
    6. They support the purification of the body and loss of fat mass
    7. They improve vision
    8. They speed up the metabolism
    9. They increase the quality of sleep
    10. They reduce inflammation in the body
    11. They favor the health of the musculoskeletal system
    12. They strengthen the walls of blood vessels
    13. Because of the high iron content, they are recommended for anemia
    14. They clean toxins from the body and have an anti-cancer effect
    15. Ideal for detox and spring cleansing of the body
? Consume this wonderful fruit with Love. If you pay attention to the process of chewing, you will feel not only the taste, but also the amazing pranic energy and sun contained in them.

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