Online Video Course: Confidence and Self-Esteem

Confidence and self-esteem

Author's program by Milena Goleva

What will this course help you with?

  • To create a more stable connection with your true SELF
  • To increase the level of confidence and self-esteem in a healthy and lasting way
  • To be more independent from criticism and other people's opinion
  • To be filled with a sense of harmony and inner freedom
  • To start attracting success into your life
  • To create more valuable connections with others
  • To achieve a sense of happiness and well-being
The author program remains in your profile on the site for three months, during which you can practice all practices and refresh and deepen your knowledge.

BGN 129.00

Reviews of the program:

Verified ownerVerified owner

Dear Milena, I thank you for the wonderful program you have created! I found in it an infinite number of useful tips in various aspects of self-development! Thanks for the wonderful experience you share with us! The combination of videos, practices and meditations and their sequence are definitely extremely effective! I am infinitely glad that I chose You on this path. I am familiar with yoga and meditation from my previous practices and once again I thoroughly enjoyed meditating in this way.
Thank you once again for the amazing advice you have collected and with which you certainly help us look at life in a new and much better way!

6 months ago
Diana Petkova
Diana Petkova
Verified ownerVerified owner

Eeeee, Milenka….My life has magically turned in a new direction since I met you and I like it more and more! It is true that when the Student is Ready, the Master comes! I tell myself that every time I regretfully think why I didn't meet you sooner. That's how it should have been. At a certain time and age...And now, Gratitude to You, Gratitude itself has a new Meaning and Content! How many times have I passed/and will do it again/ The course on money, as well as the author's program on emotions....I always thought that in relation to my own I am a realist and I have no problem with it...I was wrong again. And you reminded me so gently and with Love. Through the Confidence and Self-Esteem Course! In fact, I should have started with this particular course first! Another brilliant creation of yours! I have so much work to do! But nice work! I love this job of ours! I purposely do not put quotation marks, because it is exactly Work! You're on me! Milenka, this is Fundamental! This knowledge and experience is the foundation on which everything is built! For any personal development! Because "only Personality has Availability"! And you serve it ready. You share so much experience, knowledge and wisdom with us. The techniques are magical, they work. I admit, I hardly manage to do it as many times as you recommend, I might do it - I don't count. Girl, I'm with you all the time. We read together, we do magic together, I try to be in sync, I don't always succeed, but I follow You! I follow US!!! The course is Magical. I carry out the tasks you set with great pleasure, even where I had resistance /warn you/ and like a child I look forward to the next day with curiosity and impatience. I will do it again! I'm also currently re-listening to the current day because I hear new and new things. And I know, as with your other author programs, that no matter how many times I listen to you, depending on the moment I'm in, I hear new and new things. And I keep notes :) It's magical to Magic! We are together! Thanks to your directions in sync with the specific energy moment, according to your amazing interpretations - you do it every time, thanks to all this I get through everything with ease and with amazement I remember my past self as some confused girl who is not knows how to value himself and I say to myself - It's good that it was Milenka, to show me how much I have achieved and am achieving, and most importantly, the more Grateful I am and stand firmly on myself, the more the Universal Abundance pours out to me, in every respect! Every day, every day, Milenka, you are present in my life! This course came to me at the right energetic moment and everything I do, under your gentle guidance, is working. And in the evening I end with the Meditation "Confidence and self-respect", falling asleep with the stone of Gratitude in my hand, which collected the Gratitudes for the miracles that happened to me during the day, it is never just one... And you, Milenka, are always on the list of wonderful things , which have happened to me, because You are next to Me, Night and Day! Thank You, Master, Milenka, for the Path we are walking! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I'm ordering more from the infinite Universe - I want more of it all!

6 months ago
Tsvetelina Simonsen
Tsvetelina Simonsen
Verified ownerVerified owner

BlagoSiyaina ??❤️

My Self ☀️wants deeply from all my soul, most sincerely to Grace?Give❤️ to your Self ☀️??

I want to say with a clean hand, with a clean heart, that in my search for a guide to me, you turned out to be the AUTHENTIC spiritual teacher in Bulgaria.
You are the Master.

Everything else I've been able to touch are either total newbies who have memorized everything to pass an exam and start making money..
Or superficial excellent students who overwrote an exam and believed they were spiritual...

After all, the Master's is for a master class... that's why they have to see you.
I realized that too ?
We are together and I thank you again, BlagoSiyaina ??☀️ in my soul ❤️

Sunny joyfully calm day ☀️?❤️

10 months ago

Frequently Asked Questions:

The author's program consists of 8 video lessons. 

There are 8 video lessons. One for every single day. i.e. the program lasts at least 8 days. You can watch the lessons multiple times and progress at your own pace within three months.

The author program remains in your profile on the site for three months, during which you can practice all practices and refresh and deepen your knowledge.

The payment methods we offer are – by bank card or by bank transfer. Selection is easy after pressing the button order now

The program starts the moment you place an order and make a payment. If you paid with a bank card, access is possible immediately after finalizing the order. When paying by bank transfer, it takes more time to finalize the order

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