Full Moon Meditation (Digital Download)

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Magnificent author's guided meditation by Milena Goleva. This meditation will unlock a powerful process that will set the direction of your life. Use it for 10 consecutive days and then at each full moon period throughout the year. It will help you release the accumulated stress and tension

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Digital downloadable product!

Full Moon Meditation
Create a positive project of your life

You have a new story to write. And it won't be like anything in your past. You are not an observer of life, you have the power to create it. I created this practice to help you unlock your best version and create a positive life project yourself. You create your future with your present thoughts about it. This meditation will unlock a powerful process that will set the direction of your life. Use it for 10 consecutive days and then at each full moon period throughout the year. It will help you release the accumulated stress and tension, it will also calm and heal you and at the same time it will help you consciously create you and your future.

Please note that iPhone owners cannot directly download the meditation to their phone (due to the fact that Apple's ecosystem does not allow this). You can buy this meditation for iPhone from the iTunes Store on your phone - use the search engine and write the name of Milena Goleva in Cyrillic - there you will find the whole collection of meditations designed specifically for iPhone)

This is a link to Milena Goleva's Full Moon Meditation in the iTunes Store

Access to the download file is in MY PROFILE (log in with your email and password), in the DOWNLOADS section.
This meditation is intended for one user/one device. Please respect this rule and appreciate the work of the author of this meditation. If you want to share with friends, you can make a gift with a gift card from the site.

19 reviews for Медитация по Пълнолуние (Дигитален продукт за изтегляне)

  1. tzvetelina79 (verified owner)

    A wonderful meditation?️

  2. Sabina Draganova (verified owner)


  3. AYTEN HASSAN (verified owner)

    Thanks !
    A meditation that makes you look, see, feel to create everything you long for. Meditation that opens many doors to a wonderful life. A life that you yourself create! A life in which you walk with ease and confidence!

  4. KrasiMiraKrasi (verified owner)

    Honey feeling for the dream future that you create yourself! Beautiful voice and sound!

  5. Gergana Marinska (verified owner)

    A magnificent meditation, after it I feel somehow strange, as if I am reborn and full of energy. Thank you, Milena Goleva, for the mysterious worlds you show us, from all your meditations! THANK YOU ❤️

  6. Tanya Toncheva (verified owner)

    I already have several of your meditations. All are wonderful! I look forward to them and enjoy every single one of them! Thank you!

  7. Anonymous

    A wonderful meditation!

  8. Anonymous

    ❤️Thank you Milenka for this wonderful meditation that I added to the collection ❤️you are.Magical!Unique!❤️

  9. Milena (verified owner)

    A wonderful and impactful meditation!
    In the moments when I listen to the meditation, my whole being is stilled and filled with peace and quiet.
    Thanks for this meditation, which I think has a healthy effect on me mentally and physically!

  10. Petya (verified owner)

    Wonderful meditation, as well as everything you do for us. Thank you Milenka for the magic. Thank you for always being by my side❤

  11. Tanya (verified owner)

    I hadn't slept in months. After I started listening to Full Moon Meditation, I fell asleep already on the second night, and on the third, and in addition to discovering a new world and purpose in front of me, I got rid of a terrible insomnia. Thanks!

  12. Rennie (verified owner)

    Thanks for the wonderful meditation!

  13. Kremena Bakalova

    A wonderful meditation.
    Many thanks again. 🙂

  14. Christina (verified owner)

    A wonderful meditation!

  15. Irena Pavlova (verified owner)

    Beautiful Milenka, Thank you! This meditation is magical, it gives me lightness, expansion, courage to dream, freedom to create one's future! Priceless!🙏🏻✨✨✨💖💖💖

  16. Iva (verified owner)

    Huge thanks and appreciation to you and all your work, Milenka! A wonderful, impactful and balancing meditation.

  17. Diana (verified owner)

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this meditation! I feel reborn, cleansed and recharged. It is extraordinary and magical!

  18. Temenuzhka Milenkova (verified owner)

    Thank you❤️,Thank you❤️,Thank you Beautiful Milenka.I love You,I adore You.This is my second Meditation for which I will not have enough lines to describe my feelings.Wonderful,unique,shaking,relaxing,cleansing,magical.A tribute to your work!

  19. Mariana (verified owner)

    Great meditation, I highly recommend it 🥰

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