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Everything in the world is energy. Although subtle and invisible, energy is at the root of everything. This practice is a tool through which we will take care to restore the balance on all levels and arrange the energy so that it flows freely and harmoniously...

Pain! ACCEPTANCE! Bloom!
We cannot become who we want to be without accepting (without coming to terms with) ourselves as we are. We cannot transform our lives unless we first make peace with things as they are.

You have a new story to write. And it won't be like anything in your past. You are not an observer of life, you have the power to create it. I created this practice to help you unlock your best version and create your own…

Healthy confidence and self-esteem attract success, while low self-esteem and self-doubt repel it. When you begin to restore your faith in yourself and harmonize your self-esteem, you will feel yourself filling up...

The first practice that can be practiced without closing your eyes. You can listen while walking, commuting while stuck in traffic, doing household chores, cooking, waiting in line or just drinking your coffee…

Gratitude is the most direct route between your now and the life of your dreams.  This practice is a real feast for the soul and will help you build a positive attitude towards the world and life... 

A unique meditation to accompany every girl during this very special time. A time when the baby and the mother live a common life. This practice will help this time to be passed in the best way.

Beautiful girls, we now have a very special practice to pamper ourselves in a feminine way. I created this meditation-ritual specifically to accompany and support the process of assimilation of the useful substances that are in your mask or cream.

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Loving yourself is a lifelong love and every girl deserves that love. This practice is created for girls only.

There is a lot of talk about self-love, but only so much. I decided to create a technique to do this in practice.

If you have trouble falling asleep. If you wake up at night. If you wake up tired, without tone and without mood. This gorgeous guided sleep meditation is made just for you. With her gentle and calming timbre, Milena Goleva will instill in you the feeling of deep inner peace. It will give you the ability to program your morning wake-up time.

Quantum physics and the law of attraction is not just a fascinating philosophy, but a useful tool that will change and heal your life. So we will leave the field of theory and dive into practice. The subconscious mind is a powerful force


Milena Goleva and Teodosiy Spasov present: The people of the future will be treated only with the power of thought. But you start now! And enjoy a first-of-its-kind meditation program! Health is undoubtedly one of your top priorities, which is why this guided meditation is a real treasure to have in your collection when you're going through a period of physical discomfort or illness. She will return…

This wonderful guided meditation is made especially for you to help you deal with the difficult times you have had and are having in your life. It will support you to move forward untouched by the poison of unpleasant experiences and to regain your taste for life...

Milena Goleva created the first meditation related to nutrition, after many years of experience and searches in this field. One of the purposes of Meditation is to help us make our lives more fulfilling and more inspired. And nutrition is a topic that excites almost every person who follows the path of self-cultivation...

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This is the first specially made relaxation for children. Created as a light and pleasant bedtime story, this 20-minute priceless program will help the child to release the tension accumulated during the day.

An exceptional program of two short, inspiring, daily meditations. The first meditation is the Solar Meditation. It is a great start to the new day. It is practiced immediately after waking up, in bed.

"Transform Your Life" - Transformational Meditation in Bulgarian Inspired by the Law of Attraction. This is a very Special Meditation that will change your life.

This practice is 18 min and is very suitable for beginners and people who have not dealt with relaxation techniques. Lightweight and extremely effective…

Extremely deep relaxation - Yoga Nidra 30 min. Suitable for people who have a tense and dynamic daily life. This stress-relieving practice will help you fully restore your body and mind…

Powerful and impactful 35 min practice. It will balance the two halves of the brain, it will balance the two halves of the body, it will balance your whole being in depth. And once this happens it will immerse you in deep meditation, you will reside in peace and inner silence. 

The disc contains a seriously powerful 20-minute practice balancing the energies and elements (earth, water, fire, air) in the body. One element blossoms, replacing the previous one, just as the seasons follow one another. These are the individual phases of an ever-changing cycle. This meditation realigns our energy pattern and as a result an attunement to the elements and an overall balance of...

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