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With this subscription, you will have 30 days of unlimited access to all online yoga classes with Milena Goleva.

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Milena's practices are alive, aligned with the energies of the current moment. S online yoga subscription you will have access to all practices for 30 days, being able to practice at the most convenient time for you and from anywhere, unlimited! The only thing you will need is to have any device with internet - phone, tablet, computer and a cozy place. Life is even more wonderful with yoga!

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32 reviews for Онлайн Йога абонамент 1 месец

  1. Tsvetelina Zhelyazkova (verified owner)

    Milena Goleva, THANK YOU honey, be blessed, I'm glad I made you vibrate! ???

    Give yourself online yoga if you haven't already, to enjoy what's happening in your body and spirit. In just a month, my body is more flexible, my stomach has melted and I am enjoying all the energy levels more and more. I literally rolled around like a storm the first days, waiting for the moment to come for a lying position in which I was the very perfection.? I said to myself: I can't, I'm fat, I wanted to lose weight, I wondered what was happening to me, I did diets, exercises.. it wasn't working out, I struggled and didn't accept myself, I tried to cope from the outside, and change comes from the inside out through Acceptance.
    Meat started disappearing from my menu in the first days of the course on "Emotions and Science in the World of Vibrations" and now I am giving myself what I deserve. You deserve it too! ❤️
    I felt the need to share this to give the necessary reassurance to even just one solar being in our family.

  2. Dimitrina Todorova

    Thank you for the wonderful yoga practice, thank you for always being there for us and we with you.

  3. Elitsa Boyadzhieva (verified owner)

    I have been practicing yoga together with Milena for a year and a half. This is a time just for me, a time when I am happy to do something useful for myself, for my body and soul. Yoga and meditations have changed my way of thinking and perception of life. THANK YOU, Milena, for being able to invite you always at home.

  4. Lyudmila Jorgova (verified owner)

    Thanks a thousand for every single practice :)
    Thank you Milena for being my teacher!

  5. Janushka Stefanova (verified owner)

    ❤Thank you, dear Milenka, for the opportunity to touch you at every yoga practice.❤ I have been doing Magical Yoga with you for more than a year ❤ I even celebrated 1 year since you came to my home with your Magical practices ❤ The benefits are countless for the body as well and for my mind, and for my emotional state, and for my confidence... I feel wonderful❤ I love you ❤ Milenka ❤

  6. Silvia Krasteva (verified owner)

    Ah, heavenly Lover ALIEN! Thank you?, thank you?, thank you for the yoga that I practice every day at the most convenient time for me! This is the most magical yoga, at the most convenient time, in the most relaxing place for me in MY HOME!!! ! Not that I haven't done it on the beach and in the park and in a bunch of other places??❤️????!! I have been with our magic yoga for a long time! I don't even remember since when! Nooooooooo HEAVEN magic yoga has changed my life! I found out I can breathe!! I realized that my body is perfect! Thanks to our wonderful yoga practices, I said GOODBYE TO CIGARETTES! My body started to change!! And I started listening to it! Mileeeenka, since four months, every time after yoga, my meditation does not need to be lying down!! For four months, every next time after yoga I follow you and meditate with comfortably crossed legs❤️❤️❤️???!! I am now part of the yogis!! I am so happy!! It's so good!! Our honey and magical yoga is helping me better and better to cope with and treat autoimmune disease ?????❤️?❤️!! Very soon I expect the miracle "GOODBYE AUTOIMMUNE"!! Every week I looked forward to our practices and meditations with great anticipation!! Now I look forward to every next day to hear your voice, open the mat and enjoy, melt, experience, feel, challenge myself again and again! ! Milenka OUR MAGIC YOGA CHANGED MY LIFE!! Thank you PARADISE SWEET!! THANK YOU for inspiring me! I love you!! I love us!! A lot!! I couldn't live without our yoga! I must be the most passionate and doer!! And in the most difficult financial times for me, I did not give up on being together and enjoying!! Thank you again PARADISE WITCH!! ??❤️❤️NAMASTE??❤️❤️

  7. Asya Tenova (verified owner)

    A unique yoga studio in Milenka?❤️️To admit it, I always thought that yoga would be boring to me. Alas, I like it so much and feel so good that every day I willingly get up early, before everyone else, and do the yoga exercises. Afterwards I feel recharged and full of energy. And if I don't make it in the morning, during the day I steal time for me and yoga with Milena Goleva ❤️️ I wanted to train every day for about 30 minutes and at whatever time I can. I also wanted to be with the best ? Thank you Milenka for helping me keep my body tight, healthy, flexible and feeling great ❤️️ I admit that I can't get to the meditations from the yoga practice, but I get my dose of meditations from the CDs I have on Milenka (almost all of them)❤️️❤️️❤️️ Thank you ❤️️❤️️❤️️

  8. Vanina (verified owner)

    The best for the body! Each practice is different and invites you to surpass yourself. Only yoga and meditation manage to calm my restless mind ? I am honored to learn from Milena Goleva ?? Thank you!

  9. Daniela Varbanova (verified owner)

    Hello, honey Milenka! I share with you this magical space from the first day of the opening of this studio. It can be said that every day you come to visit me in my home, for which I am extremely grateful. I love your practices. I look forward to each next one. And for the benefits, I simply have no words - 2 years during the pandemic and to this day, this is the thing that protected me, that recharged me and gave me strength to go through my days with ease. I am a pom, a pharmacist, on the front line, in continuous contact with people, but thanks to you witch, I feel wonderful! And as for the benefits to the body, soooo many. Thank you for finding each other, thank you for all the knowledge and advice you give us (I love the three P's). Thank you for having you ?you are my guiding light!?Namaste!??? Be blessed!???

  10. Perah flowers (verified owner)

    I have been with Milena since January 2020, almost from the beginning of the Online Yoga Studio. In the beginning, I practiced the 4 free practices and very quickly realized that this is what I needed and signed up. I have been practicing every day for almost three years now. The yoga studio is open 24 hours which is super convenient because I choose when and where to practice. I feel great physically, mentally and emotionally. Each practice is different from the previous one, because Milena connects it with the specific energy moment. In yoga practices with Milena, we look for balance in the body, emotions and mind and we achieve them, and it's a supreme feeling! Thank you Milena ❤️ for having you❤️

  11. Valentina (verified owner)

    Hello, Milenka ❤️
    Your yoga is the most wonderful gift I have ever given myself, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the unique practices that are so liberating, relieving and uplifting every time. Thank you for the tremendous work and heart you put into everything you do ❤️

  12. Tonya Doykin (verified owner)

    Hello Sorceress - Teacher Beloved,

    Hello Fireflies - Master Team,

    Hello Svetlinki,

    Yoga for me is Gratitude. Gratitude to the entire Universe for all that it is - just as it is. Gratitude for all the abundance it bestows upon me and flows through me.

    Yoga for me is delight, pleasure and bliss. Yoga for me is magic, yoga is magic, yoga is inspiration. Yoga is merging with the Universe. Pure merging - moving from one dimension to another. A feeling of comfort, a feeling of coming home. Yoga for me is a gift, a feeling, a care from me to me. A way to love myself, a way to belong.
    To paint love with my body, to paint my world as it is inside me and as I create it around me.
    A way to give myself love, warmth and closeness to the innermost corners of my soul.
    "The magic carpet" - That's what I call my mat. If I step on it, I know that I will flow into another world, another reality - Magical. A reality full of love, gratitude, truth, purity, magic, adventure, pleasure, kindness, meaningfulness, miracles, faith, Infinity...
    Yoga is a universe of knowledge. Feeling, warmth, love, comfort. Yoga is a mother's cradle.
    Yoga is my haven, yoga is my home.
    Yoga for me is countless other things that cannot be described in words.





  13. Rumyana Chuchuganova (verified owner)

    Yoga came quite naturally to my life. I really wanted to do yoga, but I had to travel to another city to do it. Then you announced that you were starting a new project with online yoga, as if I had wished for it, and when you announced it, I was not surprised, but very happy. Yoga brings me pleasure, peace, my body is completely different, more flexible, it really balances me both physically and emotionally! Thank you, Milenka, for these charitable practices! They are beautiful, amazing and what I like most and harmonizes is that they are aligned with the energy of the day, with the arrangement of the planets and how they act on us at the specific moment.
    Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Hugs and see you soon... on the yoga mat!

  14. Theodora (verified owner)

    Always wonderful practices and meditation. Thank you, Milena, for the peace and balance you give me. Thank you!

  15. Miglena (verified owner)

    Honey and magical Milenka ♥️ Thank you for teaching and supporting us on our way ♥️ Thank you for the wonderful yoga and the fantastic online yoga studio ♥️ Anywhere and anytime I can practice with you and that is priceless ♥️ Thank you ? Thank you ? Thank you ?

  16. Magdalena Grigorova (verified owner)

    I thank the intonation for suggesting that I try yoga with Milenka, as I have been following her for years. I started from the beginning with the four videos/practices on YouTube. I thought that for yoga you have to have a flexible body and practice very complex movements, etc. I set a limit for myself and thought it wasn't for me. Over time and following Milena's advice, and listening to the feedback of others during the seminars, I decided to dig deeper and try. I was surprised to find that there was nothing true in my limiting thoughts and you don't have to have a beautiful flexible body to practice yoga. Now I get up with incredible anticipation to start my day with the practices and feel the energy coming into me. I thank Milenka for the wonderful guidance and encouragement for those like me who are now progressing in this discipline and cannot yet perform the exercises correctly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

  17. Helen (verified owner)

    Thank you, lovely Milenka, for having you in my life, you turned my life around 360°! Thank you for the yoga practices, for the magical medenaris and rituals, for the videos with which you give us directions. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love us so much!!!

  18. Valentina Petrova (verified owner)

    Magical yoga with Milena is a priceless gift for me, and with practice, a master is born, and learning from the best master is an inspiration for me, and with gratitude for the work, knowledge and practice that is in my home, I am on the mat every time.
    I found you alone when I wasn't on my way. You helped me and you don't stop doing it❤Yoga for me is immersion in timelessness, energy, rest,
    improvement as a person, an opportunity to gather and feel you!
    Thank you Milena Goleva❤
    Everything with you is beautiful magic🧚‍♀️
    I hug you with gratitude!

  19. Desislava Alexieva (verified owner)

    Thanks for the wonderful yoga practices! ❤️❤️❤️

  20. Петя Кадийска (verified owner)

    Препоръчвам прекрасните практики с Милена! Благодаря! ❤️

  21. Kamelia Kirilova (verified owner)

    Йогата промени животa ми .Йогата ме върна към живота буквално.Йогата ми помага, както да лекувам физическите си неразположения , така и да намеря вътрешния си баланс, мир и комфорт. Зарежда ме с енергия дори, когато силите ми са на минус.Деля живота си преди и след йогата и Милена Голева, а съм едва в началото на пътят. Благодарение на прекрасната и слънчева Милена Голева успявам да бъда в хармония със себе си.
    Thank you!

  22. Вилма Инджиян (verified owner)

    Днес стартира и беше 100х100% най-точното нещо в най-точния момент. Сякаш си чела мислите ми и си знаела от какво имам нужда. Благодаря Вълшебна Милена, съвършен на прецизност. Благодаря! Благодаря! Благодаря! 💓

  23. Valentina Petrova (verified owner)

    През месец декември ще отпразнувам една годинка в прекрасната,близка и хармонична компания с теб Миленка🌞
    Избрах те и те избирам с благодарност и осъзнатост за отговорноста която нося ,за своето психическо,физическо и емоционално здраве.
    Благодарна съм ти от ❤ за всичко което научих като го практикувам стъпка по стъпка с удоволствие,вдъхновение и лекота защото променя вибрацията,чувствата,емоциите,мисленето и тялото.Ухаа и то така добре💫 Продължаваме напред,с уникалните практики
    Вълшебните ритуали
    Авторски програми,където намирам отговори..дааа и в
    Семинарите с всички осъзнати,търсещи и учещи се хора като мен в процес на себеразширяване и градация.
    Благодаря си за пътя до тук,горда съм и удовлетворена от труда си!
    Благодаря ти
    за знанията,практиките и топлината с която ги предаваш🙏
    ❤Благодаря,прекрасна Миленка

  24. Даниела Николова (verified owner)

    Здравей слънчева Миленка,
    От скоро съм в йога студиото, но всеки път имайки нужда от нещо, ти веднага го предоставяш в практиката, сякаш знаеш какво точно ми е нужно в момента!

  25. Румяна Крумова (verified owner)

    В онлайн студиото съм още от самото му начало и е изумително, че йога е на разположение по всяко време.
    Йогата с Милена е върховно преживяване всеки път.
    Освен това е много, много прекрасна и щадяща всекидневна практика за тялото ни.
    А защо не и най-добрата превенция срещу скучното настроение.

  26. Petrova Ivanka

    Здравейте прекрасни хора.Искам да кажа,че всичко което прави Миленка е уникално. Йога ,медитация ,семинари са прекрасни,но ритуалите са вълшебни.Благодаря Миленка за тази вълшебна приказка.Благодаря за виртуалната среща преди 7години.Затова,че промени и продължаваш да променяш живота ми.🙏😇🙏❤️❤️❤️

  27. Jeanette (verified owner)

    Настръхвам, усмихвам се и се насълзявам от щастие всеки път, в който сме заедно! Животът е вълшебно приключение и е много важно с кой ще го споделяме! БлагоДаря за възможността да сме заедно 🙏

  28. Марияна (verified owner)

    Благодаря Миленка за възможността да съм част от йога семейството. С теб съм от самото начало на онлайн йога и се чувствам прекрасно. Има дни, в които не съм в конфортно състояние, но започвам, защото знам, че всяка грижа за тялото и душата няма цена.Благодаря и за прекрасните семинари. Създават ми усещане, че не съм сама по пътя. Бъди благословена и продължавай да разпръскваш любов и светлина!

  29. Тамара Войс (verified owner)

    Благодаря Ви,Милена!
    С удоволствие практикувам Вашата онлайн йога! Бъдете Благословена!

  30. Ирена Зумпалова (verified owner)

    Никога не съм успявала да медитирам, докато не открих Милена Голева. Помагала ми е в много тежки за мен моменти. Мъжът ми също я обожава. Йогата е нещо невероятно, опитвала съм и с други, но само с Милена съм доволна. Благодарна съм, че я открих, наистина промени живота ми. Благодаря от сърце!

  31. Jeanette (verified owner)

    Вълшебство! Думите не стигат! Благодаря за възможността да се докосна до дарбата ти, Миленка! Да се докосна до чистата и и светла душа! Всеки ден ти БлагоДаря и БлагоСлавям! Всеки ден се опознавам все по- добре и по- добре! Откривам колко много Мога! Мога! Мога! Бъди здрава и Благословена, ти и твоето семейство!

  32. Ирена Павлова (verified owner)

    Благо-Даря,че сьм
    част от вълшебното пространство на йога класовете,медитациите,семинарите,
    курсовете, чудните ритуали!
    Миленка,ти си безценна
    подкрепа,духовен водач,връзка с
    невидимото, помагаш ни да повишаваме вибрационната си интелигентност!Думите не са
    достатьчни да изразят какви
    Щастливчета сме в нашата общност! ❤️❤️❤️🔥😍😍😍😍😍

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